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TES House Call Services LLC

TES House Call Services LLC was incorporated in Jamaica in 2001, in Florida in 2010, in Michigan in 2014, then again in Florida in 2017.

We service Residential and Commercial Properties. We handle everything from repairs, to Installations, to troubleshooting, as well as any and all maintenance type services. We also handle retail sales, Major or minor construction and Real Estate services!

TES House Calls is geared toward helping the economic development of communities. We assist in improving the living standards of individuals whose livelihood may depend on it! This will help strengthen our existing jobs, and help create new ones! We want to make homeowners and business personnel be a part our business family.
We also provide training and assistance to our workers, clients, and more!

We are happy to establish a joint venture (IF the right opportunity arises). Along with the joint venture will come some benefits such as access to deals, discounts, skilled trade
workmanship, manpower, and tools and equipment resulting in significant savings!

Our clientele stretches across all economic and ethnic backgrounds! Professionalism is important to us at TES House Call Services LLC. We will guid you through the services, as well as any economical decisions. (Some financing programs may apply for clients in need)

TES House Calls LLC wants to help make your home and/or workplace a more delightful environment while saving you money!!!


- Certified by National Council on Technical & Vocational Education & Training- Jamaica
- Former proprietor for the business Thomas Electrical Services- Jamaica
- Certification from IRSC by Florida Construction Apprenticeship Training Corporation
- Certification from Central Detroit Christian (CDC) for home buyer education
- Former Contractor for Comcast Cable/Xfinity
- Sole Proprietor for the business TES House calls- USA

We can also provide estimates, references from previous and current clients, and before and after photos of our jobs!  

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